Case Study: Chomps

by | Jan 24, 2024 | Case Studies, Nutrition, Promotion

About Chomps

Chomps makes high-quality beef sticks from a variety of protein sources. Their products are unique in that unlike traditional beef jerky, the Chomps meat sticks are free of added sugar, nitrates, the top 8 allergens, and fillers. For a meat-based product, Chomps is focused on sustainability, animal welfare, and high-quality nutrition. They are a favorite snack of the omnivore members of the RWS team. 

The Ask 

Chomps reached out to our expert RD team to help execute an SEO strategy to increase website visibility and search rankings. The brand was also interested in the development of creative recipes and food photography featuring its products. 

A Partnership with Our Expert Team

Our team of expert RD content creators worked in collaboration with Chomp’s marketing team to create a library of evidence-based blog posts related to trending nutrition topics, sustainability, and how to include healthy meat snacks in your diet. 

In addition to SEO-focused article writing, we produced several original recipes with photography to use on social media and on the blog. 

The Result

Several of the articles produced by our team have climbed the SERPs in recent months with multiple keywords ranking on page 1. 

A sample of high ranking, relevant articles include: 

Whole 30 compatible snack ideas (8 featured snippets on Google)

Health benefits of spicy food

Whole 30 reintroduction

5 healthy on-the-go snacks at Whole Foods

Photos and recipes:

Kid-friendly back-to-school recipes

Iron boosting recipes

Cinco de Mayo recipes

The partnership between our team of RD experts has helped customers understand how to use Chomps meat sticks in creative ways and which dietary patterns they are best suited for.

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