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Social media, blog posts, ads, videos, podcasts, email sequences, oh my! It is a noisy, noisy world out there with online content, particularly in the health and wellness space. As a health and wellness brand, how do you stand out or keep up? 

You simply can’t do it all yourself and run your business at the same time. There are too many details to consider just to get your product developed, ready, and shipped. And there is way too much content you need to create. You need help and a plan because there is nothing worse than content that falls on deaf ears. This is where a marketing agency that specializes in the health and wellness industry can step in and take this important, but sometimes stressful task off your plate. 

What services does a content agency offer?

What is a Health and Wellness Marketing Agency?

A marketing strategy company or agency specializes in creating well-planned and expertly executed marketing strategies and content for other companies. The services offered by these agencies can include many different deliverables. Some agencies specialize in paid ads, whereas others are more focused on SEO.

Depending on what you are looking for, you may look for a different type of agency. Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they are all a bit different depending on your business’s individual needs.

A few loose definitions of different types of agencies include:

  • A content marketing agency. A content marketing agency is usually a full-service agency. Their offerings may include content creation, but also website development, branding, and a strategic marketing plan. 
  • Content strategy agency. A content strategy agency may offer similar services to a marketing agency but might focus on providing a marketing strategy for increasing sales and ROI by leveraging content. 
  • Content creation or content writing agency. These types of agencies focus mainly on written content. Frequently they pair their content offerings with other services like SEO, content planning, or authority-building content written by experts.

There are some loose distinctions between these types of agencies as there is significant overlap between them and the services they offer. When choosing to work with an agency it is best to know exactly what you are looking for first. 

Most of these agencies do strategy and content creation. Some of the content they might be able to create for you include:

  • Content calendars
  • Blog posts/Articles
  • Social media marketing campaigns
  • SEO services
  • White papers
  • Marketing materials and opt-ins
  • Email marketing
  • Case studies
  • Ad copy

 If you are not sure, you can always hop on a call to learn more about what the agency does.

How to Find a Digital Marketing Agency

If you do a quick Google search on “marketing agency” you will turn up thousands of results. After navigating several websites, you might find yourself super confused and they will all start to blend together after a while. 

Instead of picking a random agency and hoping for the best, consider asking for referrals from trusted colleagues. Collect at least 10 agency names to research.

Second, understand that agencies specialize in different niches and help brands with specific goals. For example, if you are a dietary supplement brand, look for an agency that specializes in nutrition or wellness content. Agencies that have expert registered dietitians or other wellness providers on staff are ideal. 

Lastly, have a general idea of your marketing goals and plan. Although the agency can help formulate a concrete plan for you, it’s important to understand the direction you want to go. Do you want to focus on organic SEO marketing? Facebook or Google ads? Video content on YouTube or Instagram? 

Finding an agency that can help you develop the marketing plan you want is critical for having a good working relationship. A marketing agency is your partner in business, so you need to be sure you are on the same page before you start working together.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Health and Wellness Marketing Agency 

You have found a few agencies that might be able to help you with content marketing for your health and wellness business. What’s next? What questions should you ask when hiring a content agency?

Here are a few things to consider when you are interviewing various agencies:

1. What’s their process? 

A good marketing agency has a well-defined process for how to handle client accounts. They should be able to describe exactly how they work and how the deliverables will be planned and executed. 

2. Who is on staff?

Marketing agencies can be small with only a few staff members or can be very large with 100s of employees. Both small and large agencies can be effective, it just depends on what you are looking for. 

A smaller agency likely has more time to give you personalized attention. With a smaller agency, you will most likely be working with the same few people regularly. But they may not have the staff or expertise to provide every single type of marketing service you are looking for.

A larger agency may have more contacts and varied experience, but you could get passed around to different account managers. You may not find the personalized attention your business deserves. 

3. What are your typical results?

If you are going to drop your hard-earned money on marketing, you want it to have a great ROI. A good content writing agency will be able to demonstrate the proven results of their work. They should have testimonials from clients to share with you and be able to provide references if needed.

Results may come in different forms depending on the services offered. They may be able to show a diverse portfolio of their writing, improvements in search engine rankings, or an increase in sales. Every good agency should be able to show specific results.

4. Do they have access to experts?

In the health space, in particular, Google wants to see content created by experts. A content agency can create a beautiful, perfect blog post for your website, but it will never rank as well as one written by a well-known health expert. A good agency should be able to source the right qualified experts to assist in the creation of your content.

5. Do they have their finger on your industry’s pulse?

There are many general marketing agencies out there that may do a great job. But health and wellness is a different type of industry. It is hard for someone without medical training to truly understand the nuance of scientific research or clinical practice. Health and wellness trends are also constantly changing, so it’s critical to work with an agency that has some knowledge about your niche. 

How Much Does a Marketing Agency Cost?

Pricing for content marketing can vary depending on the deliverables and the agency itself. Most work on retainers or contracts that include specific services to be delivered every month. Others work with project-based pricing. 

Retainers or contracts can cost anywhere from $1000 a month to well over $10,000 a month. This will usually include a marketing or content plan and several written deliverables. The specific niche and expertise of the content agency will change the price, so you will have to have a chat with them to determine the cost of your project.

Choosing the Best Health Content Marketing Agency

Content can be created cheaply and without a plan, but you will never see any significant ROI by investing in this type of content. A content marketing agency that can create and execute a strategic plan is the best way to see your business grow. 

In the health space, an agency that is able to offer content creation services and provides you with expert writers to help boost your authority and credibility with your customers. If you are looking for a content marketing strategy that is informed and created by expert health writers, feel free to reach out!



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